GLAMOURIA Meets GARY SAFADY- Machine Gun Preacher

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GLAMOURIA Meets GARY SAFADY- Machine Gun Preacher

Finally, I get my shot with Gerard xxx

In New York, backstage at the Diesel Black Gold show, everyone was following Gerard Butler…. Honestly, I just know his name… I think I heard it because Jennifer Aniston maybe dated him, but I am not even sure. Trying to get a picture with him, someone asks me, “do you speak Arabic, Marhaba”…. I turned, and it’s????

“I am Lebanese too…”….
This is Gary Safady… (Nice to meet you!)…… “I am the producer”… I laugh and I ask him, “then you could help me get a picture with Gerard?”…
Then we talk…. And I was really curious to know more about him. So we started talking about the movie, and then the children… Suddenly this big man with muscles, softened up, with a smile….
Here’s more from Glamouria…..
– How did you start working on this project and why?
Lost that interview, and had to do it again!
The film was brought to my attention through another one of the film’s producers who knew I was looking for a special project with a positive message.
– Why Gerard Butler?
We chose Gerard Butler because he embodied the essence of Sam Childers- the story is based on him. I think his performance lent a unique blend between the passion of his character’s convictions with the trial and torment of his struggle to save the Sudanese children -which ultimately the audience can relate to.
– What is the message that you would like people to get through the movie?
GLAMOURIA with Gary Safady

The message is one of hope, perseverance and the common good that man can do. The message that hopefully people will take home is that to do something good is as much a reward as it is a reason to live for.

– How could anyone help?
See the film and learn about what has happened in Sudan. I encourage everyone to go to Machine Gun Preacher and support the cause.
– What are your future plans.
I am currently in pre-production on “Cobra 405” an action thriller about the biggest bank heist and the mysteries surrounding it. It’s set in Lebanon and I’m very excited about the project.

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